You can find preconfigured 19" rack systems on our website. The basis for the configuration were the requirements of our customers. The decision for a preconfigured IPC complete system has numerous advantages. You get a tested, running system with short delivery times, because the used components are in stock. The choice of systems in terms of design and processor performance is extensive and covers a wide range of applications. A customer-specific adaptation to your needs is possible without any problems.

Simple individualization 

The individualization of the 19" rack PCs is given by the allocation of the slots with suitable plug-in cards. These range from graphics and Firewire cards to fieldbus cards and communication cards for additional LAN, PoE or RS-232 interfaces. But also the increase of memory capacity or the decision for another operating system can be easily implemented.
Individualization can't be any easier!

What are the reasons for a 19" Rack System?

Industry standard: The 19" rack format is an established industry standard accepted by many manufacturers worldwide. This standardization offers a wide range of hardware options.  
Simple cooling: The open structure of a 19" rack allows for efficient cooling of the components inside, as fans can be strategically placed. 
Scalability: 19" racks typically offer a large number of easily accessible slots, allowing integration of different plug-in cards. 
Konnectivity: The variety of ports, including USB, Ethernet, serial ports, DVI, HDMI, VGA or DP port facilitate the seamless integration of our 19" rack PCs.

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